Signs of An unhealthy Scalp

A healthy scalp is a root for healthy hair. If you are looking to have a beautiful healthy looking crown of hair, you have to take care of your scalp as this is the soil in which the flowers in the form of your hair shall grow. Without the right nutrients and proper care, the scalp may become infected causing long term hair loss. Let us take a look at some of the signs of an unhealthy scalp and how they can be treated.


  • Dandruff happens mostly due to mild scalp infections. Several factors may be the culprit behind the same such as oil, dirt, hair products or dead skin. Their build up over the scalp over time traps the bacteria and yeast on your head giving them a place to grow widely. It is due to this excessive cell growth caused by yeast that we have problems like dandruff that don’t go away easily.
  • Dandruff also happens due to the oil or product buildup caused by infrequent shampooing or poor hygiene. Several other factors causing dandruff on your scalp include stress, hormonal changes, diet, or illness that makes your scalp more prone to bacteria caused flakiness.
  • Some people have a family history of dandruff making their skin simply more susceptible to dandruff causing yeast. They need to take some extra precautions regarding the same.

Dry Scalp

  • If your scalp seems dry always, adjust your shampoo habits. Either shampoo less often or you can choose one which is less harsh on your hairs. Make sure that the shampoo is rinsed out properly.
  • There are several chemical ingredients that irritate or dry out your scalp. Review the list of ingredients in your hair products or consult a dermatologist to understand how you can avoid using them
  • You may have a more serious scalp condition if your itching persists even after all the


  • Deep conditioning of your hair. Moisturize and nourish your scalp by using conditioners having essential antimicrobial oils.
  • Get rid of all the bacteria and yeast buildup on the scalp by exfoliating your scalp regularly and washing it with a cleansing shampoo so that all the buildup is washed off.
  • Restore the pH balance of the scalp using an ACV wash.
  • Moisturize and hydrate your hair by using a leave in conditioner
  • Use natural oils like jojoba oil, shea butter, avocado oil, or black castor oil to prevent your scalp from drying out.
  • Try Hairpro Laser Caps. They use the new age Low Level laser Technology to provide the necessary nutrients to the scalp and promote healthier looking beautiful tresses. Not just this, they fulfill all your scalp’s energy needs, thus nourishing it in the best possible way- from within. This helps in avoiding problems like itchiness, dandruff, hair fall and other hair related issues.

Remember, a healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair. Indulge in a healthy diet, follow proper steps to cleanse and nourish your scalp and fulfill all your scalp’s energy needs with Hairpro Laser caps and you are sure to fulfill your dream of having that lush crown on your head that you always dreamed of.


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