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One week Hair Fall Treatment with HairPro Laser for Only Rs 1,499


Product Description

Best Hair Fall Treatment in just one week with HairPro Laser

Try HairPro Laser for just one week and see reduction in your hair fall. In just 3 sessions of 30 minutes each, you will notice less hair fall and hair shedding. As a result, you will notice less hair on your brush, pillow, floor and sink. This is the best hair fall treatment that money can buy.

On average, we loose about 100-150 hair every day. This means, we are loosing around 3000 hair a month or 36,000 hair in just one week alone! While some new hair will grow back in its place, it will grow back thinner and thinner.

Buy this treatment plan right away and turn your hair story around.


Upon your purchase, we will immediately set up your one week treatment with your nearest HairPro Hair Growth centre.

About HairPro

HairPro Laser is bringing USA – FDA cleared clinically proven, breakthrough treatment for thinning hair in India for the first time. This technology is known as Low level laser therapy or LLLT.  HairPro Laser Cap is completely safe and effective to use at home.  It uses medical grade low level laser diodes designed for cellular rejuvenation and maximum results. It is the only medical treatment for hair loss in the world which doesn’t involve any painful procedures, drugs, surgeries or unwanted side-effects. No wonder, it has become the  #1 most prescribed non-surgical hair loss treatment by USA physicians.


  • Fully safe and effective

  • Dramatically decreases in hair fall in one month

  • Increases hair Volume and thickness in 3-4 months

  • Re-grows new hair in 6 months

  • Pain-free, Drug- Free, Non-invasive, Non-surgical

  • Fully safe and effective to use at home

  • Completely hands-free, portable, travel friendly

  • # 1 preferred treatment for hair thinning by physicians

  • World’s most user-friendly and hassle-free hair loss treatment

  • Clinically proven in more than 12 clinical trials to regrow hair by upto 51% in 4-6 months

  • 90% of all patients see stabilisation of hair loss, 50% see hair re-growth.

  • HairPro Laser therapy can be combined with nutritional supplements and other treatment plans for better results as well.


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