LLLT Technology In India

Used in the medical field since last many years, use of LLLT Technology for treating hair loss is a relatively new application of this procedure. This is a revolutionary non surgical breakthrough that has become a boon for men and women suffering from the distressing effects of hair loss. Compared to some other hair loss treatments like medications, hair transplants, or steroid injections, this has been proven safe and effective without any side effects.  Still in its nascent stage in India, the technology is slowly and steadily spreading its wings in the country what with many international brands like Hairpro Caps offering their products to the Indian public. However, before we start using them, it is important to understand the LLLT technology that is being used by these products.

Science Behind Low level Laser Therapy

LLLT Technology, also known as Laser Photo Therapy (LPT) was first used by Professor Andre Mester in 1964 in Budapest, Hungary. He began experimenting with this low power laser energy to treat wounds in mice and noticed that the healing process of the wounds was a lot more rapid when subjected to these lasers due to the microcalculation of blood supply. This healing was also found to be effective when given to the diabetic patients with dystrophic sores for hair rejuvenation.  Since then, the evolution of this technology with several refinements has been phenomenal to become one of the top non invasive hair loss treatments across the world. However, until recently, the use of such treatments has been severely underutilized in India. With Hairpro Laser caps coming into the country, there has been increasing acceptance and awareness about this technology among people.

What is Low Level Laser Light

Low Level lasers are also known as ‘soft’ lasers or ‘cold lasers’ as they do not need a thermal component to cut, burn or vaporize. Simply stated, it is said to be a compressed light of a wavelength emitted from cold, red part of electromagnetic radiation spectrum. When used for hair treatments, the said device containing these therapeutic soft low level lasers delivers the light energy directly to the scalp. It is completely different from regular natural light in points like

  • It always travels in a straight line and is coherent
  • It has a single wavelength, thus, its monochromatic
  • It is a concentrated beam focused on a defined location or spot, thus making it columnated

First developed in Europe, it has been found that they improve hair volume and hair shaft quality while also prolonging the hair color life and improving the perms.

High Power Vs Low Level Laser Light Therapy

The single most vital factor determining the difference between the two lasers is the power output (measured in mW or milliwatts) of the Laser Therapy Unit.  Depending upon the medical condition to be treated, a patient is given High Power or Low Level Laser Light Therapy. The difference between both of them depends on three factors:

  • Depth of penetration
  • Treatment time
  • Therapeutic effect

Thus for a condition like hair loss, low level therapy is best as rather than giving off heat, it uses cold beam photo energy to increase the blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles, thus encouraging healthier looking hair and a better volume.

Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy treatments

The benefits from the Laser Photo Therapy can be seen in both men and women. Some of the proven ones by the users of this therapy can be enumerated as follows:

  • Increase in blood supply to the scalp by around 54%after just one sitting
  • Stops or reduces the progression of hair loss in 85% of the patients
  • Stimulates the hair follicles for better hair growth
  • Shinier, fuller, thicker hair
  • Increase in the strength and elasticity of hair
  • Those having post operative transplant surgery hair, the treatment has shown to augment the growth of the newly transplanted hair helping them to thrive and heal
  • Helps in repairing the damage caused by the chemical hair treatment services
  • Distributes the light energy to hair follicles directly from various positions without the loss in light properties thus ensuring appropriate dosage

The Low Level Laser Therapy is said to be especially beneficial in most of the men and women in a multi- therapeutic setting including the incorporation of other recognized programs.

Is This Safe?

Yes. LLLT Treatments are completely safe to the point that it meets all the international safety standards and has been classified as a ‘non- significant risk’ product. Scientists all over the world have proven the safety of this treatment, thus making it a safe and proven hair treatment procedure. The result of the treatment itself can take some time depending upon the time given to the usage of HairPro Laser caps. However, almost all of them have experienced positive results after the first use itself. Hairpro has brought India’s first wearable laser caps for hair growth into the market. Having proven itself around the world, It is now India’s turn to benefit from this latest therapy for hair regrowth. To get the best advice, Call your nearest Hairpro expert at the earliest and get the best for your treasured hair!!!


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