How Does Laser Light Therapy Regrow hair?


If you are dealing hair loss you might be familiar with the dozen hair loss treatments out on the market claiming to regrow your hair. Some treatments can help and restore hair loss while others have harmful side effects or ingredients that irritate the scalp causing dandruff, dry scalp, or allergic reactions.

Is there such a treatment for hair loss that is drug free that actually regrows hair without all the harmful side effects?

Low level laser light therapy is a treatment used to regrow hair. According to CEO of hairpro laser Cap, Prerna Khemka, “Human tissue is irradiated with photons, which are absorbed by weak cells. With this extra energy, cells can return to a normal healthy state and resume their role within the human body.”

Low level laser therapy is being used to treat the genetic forms of hair loss common in men and women, androgenetic alopecia or pattern balding. Low level laser therapy is also called red light therapy, cold laser, soft laser, biostimulation.

Low level laser therapy has become popular in medical offices, hair restoration clinics, and hair salons to help promote hair growth for people experiencing hair loss, specifically for people experiencing androgenetic alopecia.

What is low level laser light therapy?

Light from the laser device produces energy to the cells of the hair follicle which helps the hair follicle cells perform at their best and produce healthy strands of hair that create a thicker, fuller appearance.

Is there any Side effects of low level laser therapy?

This is a non-invasive laser treatment that does not burn or cut the skin.  It has been used successfully in Europe for over 30 years and has no known side effects.

How does low-level laser therapy work?

You have to be consistent. When using laser therapy for hair loss or other scalp problems, you need to know that you will have to use the light therapy as often as three times a week, for 15 to 20 min. per session. It is recommended to skip days in between laser therapy sessions. You will also be required to use laser therapy forever.  The minute you stop using the therapy, any results you see will be lost and you will eventually have the amount of hair loss you had before you started the laser therapy. Laser therapy works best in the beginning stages of hair loss. The earlier you start the therapy the more success you will have.

Can use home low-level laser therapy devices

There are many laser light hair therapy products in this business. But before use, any of those first, research and check the product credibility and its efficiency. Hair Pro Laser Cap devises is more affordable than others in the competitive products in the market.  Low-level laser therapy service can take at a clinic, salon or you can directly take away at home.  Hair Pro Laser Cap has been FDA- cleared to treat androgenic hair loss and promote hair regrows specifically for women with female pattern hair loss.



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