How Hormones mess with your Hair !!!

Beautiful and luscious strong locks make any woman feel sexy and confident. However, hair loss is a reality faced by almost everyone today. There are several hormonal and life imbalances that can tip off the shedding process such as menopause, giving birth to a baby or major trauma. If they can zap your energy levels and steal your healthy sex drive, they can very well impact your tresses to make them a mess.

Hormonal Horrors Causing Hair loss

There are several glands that secrete hormones in the blood that regulate our body functioning such as ovaries, thyroid, pancreas and many others. Hormonal imbalances of all kinds can have a negative impact on hair, known as telogen effluvium causing hair loss from all over the scalp.

  • Changes in Estrogen: Estrogen is the power player hormone in a woman’s body that helps in stabilizing her moods, makes her feel energized and contributes to a healthy sex drive. However, exposure to endocrine disruptors, perimenopause or weight gain can lead to too much estrogen which leads to thinning hair. For example, during and after pregnancy the levels of estrogen peak and then dip causing sudden hair loss in many women.

  • Insulin Imbalances: Insulin is the hormone that regulates our blood sugar levels, thus affecting several body processes such as heart health, fat storage and hair growth. In fact, a study conducted by the European Journal of Cardiovascular Risk reported that women with marked insulin resistance are at a greater risk for female pattern alopecia or androgenic alopecia.

  • High Testosterone: Testosterone is a hormone long associated with men. It is what makes a man big, burly and hairy. It is still present in small levels in a woman’s body too. However, too much of the same in women can cause all sorts of problems namely hair growth on the face, hair loss on head and many others.

  • Thyroid Issues: Our body is a well oiled intelligent machine that manages its resources according to o problem in hand. So, when it’s under stress due to fluctuating thyroid levels, it redirects its resources and energy from non-critical processes like hair growth to critical ones like balancing your hormones. Low thyroid is often the case for thinning scalp in many women.

Ways to Maintain Your Hormones

If you are tired of trying countless strategies and products to pump up your thin ponytail, follow the following strategies that have helped many a hair loss victims to save their hair by addressing the root cause of the same.

  • Getting Tested: Since there are several factors that can cause hair loss, this is the first and foremost step you have to do. This will help you in understanding the root cause of your problem. We recommend fasting glucose, iron levels, complete blood count, estrogen, thyroid, and testosterone levels for better understanding of your hormonal issues.
  • Healthy Diet: Incorporate more fiber into your daily diet. This will help in lowering of your estrogen levels through ‘elimination’ process. You can also focus on a low carbohydrate, high protein diet inclusive of lots of veggies that will help in improving insulin resistance which causes hair loss.
  • Supplement with multivitamins: Lack of nutrients in our body also causes hair loss. There are several supplementary multivitamins that are available in the market that you can add to your daily routine after consulting with a dermatologist. This includes Vitamin A for encouraging the growth of hair follicles, Vitamin E to protect hair cells from damage, Vitamin B to maintain thickness and shine and Vitamin C and zinc to repair any lingering damage.

  • Lifestyle Changes: In addition to dietary changes, we also recommend some lifestyle changes like incorporating Hairpro Laser Cap in your daily hair care routine so that your hair gets the energy to cope with any minor imbalances in the future on its own. This product uses Low-Level laser Technology to recharge and rejuvenate your hair follicles from within.

Remember, there is no magic pill or solution for treating hair loss. Your hormones are a cast of characters among which you have to know which ones are for show and which ones truly matter. Also, manage your stress levels and get enough sleep so that your general hormonal balance is maintained and you can protect your precious tresses from any further damage.

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