HairPro Advantage


Most Convenient Hair Growth Treatment

HairPro Laser Cap is the most user-friendly treatment for hair loss. It is as easy and simple as wearing a hat. Moreover, it comes with a portable power pack so you can move around, cook, clean, watch tv or even use it at work while wearing the cap. It’s fully discreet so no one will even notice! The protocol is also quite easy to follow – you only need to wear the HairPro Laser Cap three times a week for 30 minutes each time. The HairPro Laser Cap comes with an in-built timer which automatically switches off the device in 30 minutes! So, you don’t have to worry about over-dosage or keeping time. In comparison, most laser therapy devices such as the combs or the helmets are hard and uncomfortable to use. HairPro laser cap is so convenient to use – that you will never miss a session, and hence you will get the best results.


Most Effective Hair Restoration Solution for men and women both

Almost all medical-grade hair restoration products and services – be it pharmaceuticals or hair transplants – are all geared towards men. It’s because many drugs such as finasteride have side-effects for women and the female pattern of diffused hair thinning is not suitable for hair transplant. Low level laser therapy is one of the only few viable options for women. Infant, according to clinical research, it is the #1 most effective non-surgical treatment in the world for hair rejuvenation, hair loss treatment, and hair growth for women . At HairPro Laser Cap – It is our motto to restore hair and restore confidence in the eternally beautiful Indian woman.


Most cost-effective

Dealing with hair loss is not only traumatic but also expensive. The average urban indian woman spends upwards of Rs 2500 a month on her hair and even then continues to suffer from hair thinning. HairTransplants are not an option and PRP and other treatments end up being very expensive as well. Oral and topical drugs, which are far less effective than laser hair growth treatments, become a recurring, monthly expense that can quickly add up over the years. Designed to fit your budget, our HairPro Laser Cap is a one-time, affordable purchase of Rs 39,999, and is built to last you for a lieftime. You can even share with your spouse and family if you’d like as Laser hair therapy has no known side effects and improves the quality of hair in every one.

7 diodes Laser comb$ 295 20,650
21 diodesLaser helmet$ 695 48,650
82 diodesLaser band$ 799 55,930
82 diodesLaser cap$ 799 55,930
82 diodesLaser cap$ 705 49,500

#1 in Optimal Power

The right amount of power is required to stimulate the hair follicles using the power of red-light. According to the Arndt-Schulz curve, the optimal energy dosage required for best result is between 2 joules/cm2 to 4 joules/cm2. Anything less is too less and anything more is too much. With 80 true 5mw laser diodes, the HairPro Laser Cap 80 is designed to deliver just the right amount of energy required for best results.If you are buying a laser hair therapy device which has less than 80 diodes or is a combination of LED + Laser, it may not get you the desired results.