Hair loss in Athletes: Is there any connection????

Hair loss today has become more of a commonality rather than a rarity. Most of the men and women by the age of 35-40 start experiencing problems like general thinning and other problems related to hair. However, when you are an athlete or someone who is into fitness, the problem may largely be due to your exercising habits and fitness schedule rather than any hormonal issue. Excessive exercising can have a negative effect on your hair even though it may be favorable for your body. Let us first discuss about the root causes of this phenomenon before discussing the treatment for the same.

Root Causes of Hair Loss in Athletes

Every athlete, today, works hard to maintain a certain image in front of their fans. However, recently, we have seen an increase in hair loss among athletes. Some of it is caused by genetics, however most of it happens due to poor nutrition, excessive exercising and inadequate hair care.

Nutrition: Those you indulge in over exercising are often the ones who are over concerned about their appearance. They neglect their diet and cut calories in whatever food they are eating. This way, not only do they end up using all the vitamins and minerals in their exercising but also fall a high risk of developing a deficiency. As a result, they may lose weight but also end up losing their hair.

Stress: Over exercising tends to test the limits of your body. Excess of it places your body into the risk of falling under chronic stress which will affect a lot of health facets of your body including your health. Always exercise under a trained professional and limit the time of the same to small but regular sessions. Give your body the required rest as it is during that time that it gets time and energy to recuperate all your health aspects.

Hair Care: Exercising leads to sweat. The buildup of this sweat on your scalp is what causes the hair loss. Also, many athletes often fall into a habit of tying their hair into tight buns. Prolonged periods of tie ups also result in a condition called Traction Alopecia. Another regular bad habit that athletes have is that of sweaty helmets. In addition to the bacteria buildup that happens in these helmets from the sports or other outdoor recreational activities, the roots of your hair get weakened due to the constant pulling of the helmet. This is most common among sports where headgear has to be sported in every game, training or professional. In addition to these, there is the additional problem of swimming. Even though it may be a great workout, pools are often loaded with chlorine and other dangerous chemicals. These chemicals dry your hair out and weaken the follicle making them highly brittle. All of this in total create a havoc for your hair care regimen.

Prevention and treatment of Hair loss

Athletes and sports persons, as such, fall into high risk category of those prone to hair problems like thinning and hair fall. This is in addition to leading a testosterone filled life that plays a major factor in producing a hair attacking enzyme called DHT. This hair killing hormone is higher in those having higher testosterone along with even a trace of male pattern baldness. However, there are several other habits that you can include in your day to day life to improve your hair and reduce the possibility of baldness from your life. These may be enumerated as follows:

Ample Nutrients: Remember to make sure that you get ample nutrients from the limited food that you are eating. Instead of going on a diet without supervision or thought, stock up on nutrient rich foods to give your body its required dose for the day or get a proper dietician to advise you on the same. You can even include some vitamin and iron supplements in your diet after proper prescription from a doctor.

Don’t EVER skip the shower: Always try and take a shower as soon as you complete your workout or game. This helps in avoiding any bacteria or sweat buildup on your scalp and opens up the hair follicles that get clogged by the sweat.

Careful with the Bun: Limit the time when your hair is tied up for the game or workout. This will help in avoiding prolonged tension of hair and scalp. In addition to this, even if you have to tie them up, opt for a fabric tie rather than a rubber band.

Protect hair while swimming: Always wet your hair and scalp before going into the pool. This helps the hair in soaking clean water first, thus preventing them from soaking chlorine into them. You can even apply a protecting conditioner or hide your hair under a swimming cap to better protect them. However, after the swim, do not shy away from lathering and washing them up. This will help in cleaning and conditioning your hair.

Take care of the hat: Always use an anti bacterial spray inside the helmet or the cap before wearing it and let it dry. In addition to this, clean it with an anti bacterial wipe or towel between play so as to avoid any unnecessary buildup of bacteria.

Proper Hair Care: Cut back on those styling treatments that damage your hair and indulge in some hair growth regime that will help you in getting the lost hair back. This may involve simple home care treatments or the latest hair growth solution to arrive in India, Hairpro Laser caps. These caps use Low level Laser therapy to reactivate the dormant hair follicles to promote hair growth. In addition to that, they rejuvenate the dead and thinning ones to bring them back to life and give us shinier, stronger and healthier hair. The Hairpro laser caps are also beneficial for those in the early stages of Male Pattern alopecia helping them to reverse the hair loss that they have experienced.

After all, even after all the games you have played and all the marathons you have run, you still would like to look your best. With a little diligence, your coif would be safe without having any effect on your game or fitness regime.


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