Frequently Asked Questions


Questions About LLLT

LLLT is an acronym for Low Level Light Therapy. This refers to a therapy that utilizes laser or light energy below a specific energy threshold and within a specific wavelength. Light sources used for LLLT may include laser and LED devices. Laser devices used for LLLT are also referred to as cold lasers. LLLT devices produce no heat, are safe and cannot burn or injure the skin.

Multiple clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of Low—Level Light Therapy in promoting hair growth in men and women with androgenetic alopecia. The exact mechanism is not fully understood, but the most recent research has identified that LLLT is absorbed into the cells, triggering enhanced cellular activity. In other words, the theory is that LLLT makes aging cells more active, thereby increasing their effectiveness in hair growth.

Yes, Medical Doctors, including dermatologists, in the United States, Europe and Asia prescribe the hairpro® for use with male patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

It is important to use light within the recommended wavelength for laser hair treatment. Research studies suggest the most effective wavelength for hair growth is between 650—670nm. This wavelength has the most efficient and effective absorption that is essential for hair growth.

Most LLLT devices use either LEDs or Lasers. LED light doesn’t penetrate to the hair follicle level and is also diffused hence not that effective. All the top clinical research and reports done on LLLT show that true laser diodes are much more effective. Many helmet type devices use combination of LED and Laser and this can decrease the power and effectiveness of the devices. LED diodes are much more cheaper than laser diodes – hence companies use LED to reduce cost. But you must ensure that you choose true laser diode device for good results.

Will all laser and light devices provide equivalent results on the scalp?No. Not all devices have the same power and energy output, and therefore, will not yield the same results. Many devices only cover a limited area. Most of these devices require the user to manually move a hand-held comb or brush repeatedly over the scalp for 10-20 minutes at a time. This is tiresome and does not provide consistent application of the light. Some helmet devices are too difficult to use, bulky, not portable and most importantly may not have true laser diodes. So, ease of use and optimal power is important to get good results and not all devices are made the same.

No. Not all devices have the same power and energy output, and therefore, will not yield the same results. Many devices only cover a limited area. Most of these devices require the user to manually move a hand-held comb or brush repeatedly over the scalp for 10-20 minutes at a time. This is tiresome and does not provide consistent application of the light. The hairpro® combines laser and LED light in a hands-free automated device that is easy to use, while providing consistent scalp coverage in each 20-25 minute treatment session.

LLLT can be used with hair loss products Rogaine or Propecia. However the use of pharmaceuticals is not required to achieve results with the hairpro®. That’s what’s great about the hairpro! It is a product that requires only a one—time investment. The hairprocauses no side effects, isn’t messy, and is very easy to use.

Using an LLLT Device

There is no evidence that increased Low—Level Light Therapy (LLLT) will provide better results. LLLT should only be used as prescribed. Each LLLT session should be followed by a period of rest. This translates into alternating session days.

Hair loss is a progressive condition. If untreated, you can expect to lose more hair over time. After the initial 4 to 6 month LLLT treatment period, you should continue sessions once or twice per week to maintain your hair quality.

The hairpro® is intended to be used by men and women who are afflicted with androgenetic alopecia. LLLT hair treatment should be incorporated into your weekly preventative maintenance routine to preserve and strengthen existing hair and provide a healthy environment for continued growth.

LLLT is effective in men and women ages 18 and older. Please consult your physician if you are under the age of 18.

Yes. LLLT can be used immediately after transplant surgery. Doctors have reported that using LLLT can help stimulate healing of the wounds, and improve transplant results in hair loss patients. In fact, hair transplant surgeons worldwide have chosen to use the LLLT to improve results. Anecdotal reports have shown that LLLT sessions immediately following surgery decrease the recovery time in hair transplant patients, and increases hair thickness. Consult with your transplant surgeon for more information.

No. After transplant surgery, it is important that your scalp does not come into direct contact with any foreign object. Many devices use teeth or spikes that are studded with a laser. You should not use such devices as they will damage your transplant. Instead, use a device that covers the entire scalp but does not directly touch the scalp. At the present time only the hairpro® by HairPro India is safe and effective for patients immediately following transplant surgery.

Questions About hairpro

The hairpro® is completely safe to use at home. It comes with a portable power pack that automatically switches off after 30 minutes to prevent over-use in case the user forgets to turn it off. treatment for use at home or while travelling. Also this LLLT science has been approved for both SAFETY and EFFICACY by the US FDA.

Every person is different. The Hair Follicle cycle is a 4 month cycle. So it takes atleast 4 months to see visible results. In the first month – you will most likely experience a decrease in your hair fall and by month 3 you will experience an improvement in the quality of your hair – meaning, your hair will be silkier, shinier, more manageable, bouncier, and will feel much healthier. For visible results through the naked eye – however it can take upto 6 months, sometimes even more.

You can use your normal shampoo to keep your hair and scalp clean.

No. Testing and user testimonials have shown no side effects when utilizing the hairpro® with LLLT for hair growth.

For two reasons: The HairPro has been designed to be of the same power as in-office laser systems, but without the hassle of going to doctor’s office three times a week. So, you are basically getting the same quality and power of a clinical therapy at home.

Second:HairPro Laser Cap is much more affordable than in-office sessions. For Rs 39,999 only, you are getting a device to take home with you which will not only last you several years but you can also share with your spouse/other family members. If you add up the cost of laser therapy sessions in the office and time, effort and travel expenses – it can add up really fast. Just 4-5 months of treatments cost Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000

No. We do not recommend using the HairPro laser Cap while being pregnant, unless specifically approved by your physician.

Questions About Safety

Yes. The hairpro uses Class 3R Lasers which are recognized as safe by worldwide governing medical bodies. It meets the safety guidelines established by the United States and many foreign governments for safety. The hairpro is manufactured according to ISO 13485, the most stringent standard for medical device products.

Only low—energy laser and LED light is used. Clinical studies have shown that Low—Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is safe. LLLT has been used for decades in hair restoration clinics. Be assured that the hairpro’s non—invasive laser technology is perfectly safe.

Yes. The hairpro® is an effective treatment for hair loss in most women, or for thinning hair in women.

Please contact your medical doctors for guidance.

Yes. The hairpro® is safe to use with Rogaine® or Propecia®. There are no contraindications with these medicines.


HairPro India offers a 1 yr warranty if purchased online through the website. Physicians offer the same warranty – you can go to them and they will replace for free if within one year of purchase.

In the event that your unit stops working after the 12-month warranty period expires, contact our office immediately, to arrange for a return. Upon inspection of the unit we can quote you the price to repair and/or replace it.

Each distributor is responsible for setting their own guarantee and return policies. If you purchased the hairpro® or products from a distributor you will need to contact them about their specific policies regarding guarantee and returns.

Women’s Health

Yes, provided you are done with breastfeeding, you can start using the hairpro™ to regrow and thicken your hair.

No. We do not recommend using the hairpro™ laser cap while breastfeeding.

Yes, the hairpro™ can definitely help. With proper and compliant use, you will notice a decrease of hair loss and shedding. In the following months, your thinning hair will become thicker, healthier and more lustrous.

No. We do not recommend using the Theradome™ helmet while being pregnant, unless specifically approved by your physician.

Care, Housekeeping and Day-to-Day Usage

The hairpro™ can be cleaned by simply wiping the inside and outside with a cloth to remove any oils or residue. You do not need a special cleaner.

Yes, the hairpro™ can be used by multiple family members.

Since hair loss is often associated with inflammation and fungus, we recommend shampooing with medicated and anti-fungal shampoos to clean the hair, reduce inflammation of the scalp and kill any fungus loads.

While shampoos are designed for the scalp, conditioners are designed for the hair. You can use any conditioner that softens your hair.