What to expect from LLLT Hair Caps

LLLT or Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT as it is popularly known as is growing to be one of the most popular hair treatments in recent times for people unwilling to go under the knife for better hair growth. Approved by FDA for home usage, it is painless and non invasive making it a great option for people suffering from hair thinning and hair loss. Now with the advent of Hairpro Laser Caps in India, it is available for people of India too who earlier had the option of just hair transplants or other painful hair treatments for them. However, people often have unrealistic expectations from these treatments. Let us dispel some of those.

What to expect

First Three Months: The first three months after starting your LLLT treatments often pass in a blur. Do not expect much. The results may vary from nothing at all or an increase in shedding because the treatment helps in moving the hairs into growth phase and to do that, some hairs may have to be pushed out that are ready to fall. However, do remember, that every hair follicle has several hairs sprouting from it with each one of them in a different phase of growth.

Three to Six Months: Your may observe some decrease in shedding, though the levels of the same may differ in different people. In totality, you will observe a decrease in hair fall as your hair follicles are starting to get ready for new hair growth. However, do not get discouraged by the slow progress. Laser Caps are designed as per patient compliance and comfort and it is important to follow the prescribed routine. After all, the end result would be worth it all.

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Six to Twelve months: This is the time you will start noticing the change in your hair growth and feel. New Hair will start showing and your hair will become fuller and healthier. The rate of change may be different in different people depending upon other circumstances involved but the gain is sure to show if you keep to the prescribed schedule.

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Twelve to Twenty Four Months: Within a period of one to two years, You will start noticing a significant change in the quality and feel of your hair. Even though the changes may be slow and subtle, taking place over a long period of time, you will definitely feel the change even as you comb and style your hair. You may even take some before and after photos to actually observe the changes the treatment has had on your hair. Continue with your schedule to keep up the healthy look. Remember, Hairpro Laser Caps are not a cure for hair loss, they are a treatment. Compliance to the prescribed routine is as important in the end even as it was in the beginning.

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Now, you can understand that the time and effect LLLT treatment has on your hair. The changes may be slow but they are real. Having unrealistic expectations with any kind of treatment can have a negative effect on patient compliance as people may stop using the product if and when they do not notice any changes in their condition within their expected time frame. So, if you are suffering from any kind of sudden and significant hair thinning and hair loss, contact your dermatologist immediately. For any more questions regarding our laser caps and treatments, call your nearest Hairpro hair expert immediately.

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