Does Hair Fall More in Winter- Why???

When the winter season is round the corner, do not be surprised to find yourself losing more hair than normal. In fact, this often makes the beautiful winter season a gloomy one for many of us. In order to prevent this seasonal hair loss, you need to first understand the reason behind the same. Almost every person experiences some hair fall with change in seasons. However, winter is one of those when the hair fall increases drastically. Lets unde Read more

Hair Fall Control Solutions Without Any Side Effects

An average of over one fourth of the total population experiences the problem of hair loss even before they touch the number of 30. In fact, the problem has in today’s world become so common that many take it for granted. Yes, even though the problem may not be worth stressing over for some men, for some it may prove to be a stressful one that may affect their confidence and their lives in general. So, what happens when you decide to take ac Read more

Say No To Hair fall Problems- Go Natural

Referred to as our “crowning glory”, our hair is the crown that we never take off. However, with the increase in the pace of life and increasing pollution, hair loss has become a worrisome issue for millions of men and women. In order to cater to these needs, there is a wide range of over the counter hair serums and hair products available in the market but in most of the cases, these are chemical laden and do more harm than good to the hair. Read more

Pledge to Save Your Hair From Roots

Technically, the hair that you have on your head is already dead. However, for obvious reasons, you would like them to be clean and hygienic as even though they may be dead but they are not in any way static. They still react to every possible influence from icy winds to scorching sunshine, from pregnancy to stress and from bad styling products to chlorinated swimming pool waters. This is because they are still connected to ‘below- surface’ h Read more

Hair Loss??? Not For Me!!!

With the increase in pace of life in today’s world, stress has become a constant in our lives. One of the biggest sufferers of this is our hair. Not many people understand this but stress is one of the major causes of hair fall in maximum number of people. Too much stress causes Telogen effluvium, a hair loss condition caused specifically due to stress. Do understand, some hair loss is normal and happens in everyone. However, problem occurs Read more

Cost of Hair Loss Per Month: Is it worth Risking it???

Hair loss is a common problem that most of the people suffer from in today’s world. However, not many understand that hair loss is not a problem. It is something that occurs naturally. What grows has to be shed. In fact, medically, it is said that over 100-150 hairs shed everyday are completely normal. However what constitutes the problem is hair growth. In order to replace the shed hair, new hair has to grow. This growth is what causes the roo Read more

Don’t get fooled by these Hair loss treatments

Hair loss is something that most of the men and women experience during different walks of life, what with the increasing stress, pollution and hectic modern lives. In order to cope with it, we try out the various hair loss solutions available in the market as well as various home remedies too. For example, if you are looking for an effective hair loss treatment in Kolkata, you are sure to be spoilt for choices what with the huge number of hair l Read more

Social Media and Hair fall

Today’s age and world is all about the social media. The connectivity and accessibility offered by our beloved cellphones had made everyone addicted to it- from old veterans to young children. However, forget all the hoopla surrounding these phones regarding the positivity it brings into the world. It has brought with it a rising rate of self hate, depression and body dysmorphia problems. Let us take a look at how it has affected our lives so n Read more

Common Causes for hair loss in teenage girls

When we are crossing our 40s, most of us are used to the hair loss experienced at such a mature age. However, the same is not true for a teenage girl or a girl in her twenties. It’s the prime of her life and hair loss at such a stage can cause immense emotional stress and trauma. Indian culture in itself places utmost importance on long black braids. However, with the advent of the western culture, shorter hairstyles are now becoming the Read more

The Hair fall effect: Emotional Trauma associated

Ovid in “The Silent woman” said, “Ugly is a field without grass, a plant without any leaves or a head without hair”. Every culture in the world looks upon hair as an essential aspect of health, beauty and youth. Indian culture is no different. Since early civilization, Indians have been known to adorn themselves with all sorts of hairstyles as found through early paintings and sculptures. It is because of this reason alone that most of Read more