लेज़र कंघी या लेज़र कैप : क्या है अच्छा आपके बालों के लिए ?

क्या आप भी परेशान हैं अपने गिरते बालों की वजह से ? आज दुनिया भर में लोग लेज़र तक Read more

DHT: The Silent Hair Killer

Age and genetics play a major role in the thinning of hair among most of the men. Several other factors play a significant role in the same such as poor nutrition, stress or some underlying medical condition. However, what most of the men suffering from male pattern alopecia do not know is that the reality of hair lies lies within the hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).Linked to even female pattern baldness, DHT binds the scalp receptors ca Read more

Understanding the hair growth Cycle

Have you ever wondered why some can grow their hair till their waist while some cant even get their hair to grow till their shoulders???  Optimal hair growth and minimal hair shedding can only be achieved by understanding the hair growth cycle. Lets understand how the hair growth cycle actually works… Parts of Hair In order to understand the complete hair growth cycle, you need to first know its parts. Hair is made of tw Read more

महिलाओं में बाल झड़ने के प्रकार

आज की भगति दौड़ती ज़िन्दगी में बाल झड़ना एक सामान्य समस्या हो गयी है जो  महिलाओं एवं पुरुषों दोनों को बराबरी में परेशां करती है । असल में, पचास की उम्र तक आते आते लगभग चालीस प्रत Read more

Hair Loss due to stem cell damage and miniaturization

Many of us are very familiar with the hair loss phenomenon- you have a full head of hair in your teens. But as you start getting older, the more you face the hazards of life, the more you start seeing the hair on your brush and shower drain rather than on your head making us look for effective hair loss treatments for men and women. In fact, scientists have known that the reason for hair loss is related to aging hair follicles but they have been Read more

How Lasers trigger Hair Growth and Hair Removal

Laser technology was discovered by scientists in 1960. Soon after its discovery, studies and researches were conducted on how we it could be used for various health benefits. In addition to finding about the benefits of different wavelengths, they found that: • Some wavelengths can blind you • Some acceleration the regeneration of damaged nerves • Some help in repairing non healing stomach ulcers • Some encourage faster healing of wou Read more

Getting your facts right about hair transplant

Considered to be one of the most successful hair restorative surgeries, hair transplants have today become more of a craze among not only those who are experiencing an untimely loss of their hair but a Read more

Increasing patient compliance with LLLT

The problem of poor patient adherence has been extensively researched in almost all clinical fields but not much has changed in the last few years. In fact, the current literature of hair restoration studies shows that this can only be done by making the new age physicians more familiar with modern interventions like LLLT ( Low Level laser Technology ) to increase patient adherence. In fact, the key to the same is keeping it “SIMPLE”, i.e. < Read more

When and Why To Use LLLT?

Well studied to be used to treat various medical conditions like androgenetic alopecia, Low level laser therapy represents an effective hair thinning solution for men and women both, either as a monotherapy or concomitant therapy. The therapy irradiates photons into the scalp tissues which are then absorbed by the weak cells, thus promoting a better and healthier looking hair. Even though the treatment has proven better results for those looking Read more

Increasing Hair Transplant Success Rate with LLLT

Great strides have been taken in recent times regarding the understanding of natural balding patterns and ageing among men and women. Not only has it helped in guiding a proper hairline design but also helped in improving the natural appearance of transplanted grafts. However, despite the improvements in hair transplantation methods, viability of the grafts remains one of the most challenging tasks. (